Other Services

Our Other Services

COLOUR ADVICE  As part of our painting services, we provide colour consultation which integrates your ideas and takes into account your home and furnishings. Attention is given to the overall colour flow from one living area to the next with the aim of creating harmony and visual delight.

THE GREAT OUTDOORS  We provide deck-building and gardening services.  Our consultation will assist you in choosing the right design for the space and the most suitable perennials, shrubs and trees for the site. Thought will be given to your lifestyle and the atmosphere you wish to create. We will also consider how you make use of the outdoor area on a seasonal and daily basis and the amount of work you would like to do as your garden grows.

RENOVATIONS  We have experience buying, renovating and selling houses. If you are planning a renovation, please contact us. Demolition, removal, framing, and more!